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The only card game that helps you to achieve big in your life is nothing but ‘Online Rummy card game’. Rummy online provides exclusive offers with unique features. One who participate in online rummy game and placed in the list of top players will get a chance of winning special bonuses and mega cash prizes.

Everyone needs some sort of enjoyment and fun in their life. People search for what they want and struggle for it until they get. The same is happening while playing rummy game. Rummy players are enthusiastic towards playing and always struggle again and again to win the victory in rummy industry.

Rummy card game offers you a chance to win exclusive cash prizes by conducting rummy tournaments. Rummy tournaments are held on weekdays, weekends and on special occasions. It’s a good opportunity for rummy players to prove their rummy skills and win special cash prizes with extra bonuses due to exclusive features.

Exclusive Features include:

Shoot-outs – Shoot-out is a word which means to defeat the opponent in rummy game. For each defeat, extra bonus will be added.

Late Registration: Player can get register even after the actual registration time got elapsed.

These exclusive features are available at and are applicable only to rummy tournaments. As Gorummy is a fastest growing online rummy platform, it offers exclusive cash prizes with unique features which provides an additional chance to play the game.

Unique Features include:

Middle Join: This feature will help players to start rummy action in the middle of the game which is available only in Pools rummy only.

Add chips: Generally, a player will play the online rummy game with real chips. If the chips got over, the player will be out of the game. But in Gorummy, using Add chips feature player can add extra chips and continue the game.

In addition to this, Gorummy also released a mobile app, which was specially designed with robust technology to provide high-end security for all rummy transactions.

Gorummy app also offers ‘Rummy Tournaments’ for the players feasibility. This is the only app that conducts rummy tournaments in mobile exclusively.


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Engage your summer vacation with online card games

There are plenty of card games in online, among which Rummy is the leading card game and has become more popular in today’s world. It is known that Rummy card game attracts all rummy lovers with its whopping prizes.

Every human being feel some kind of discomfort with hot temperature and they want to relax at a cool place. Some people hesitate to come out and expose to the sun. For such kind of people, online rummy game is the best choice to play simply at home and enjoy exciting rummy experience. Rummy online card games make you feel relaxed and engaged at your own place and allow you to have maximum fun and entertainment with its attractive features, including special bonuses, cash prizes, interesting tournaments etc.

Play Online Rummy.png

Well, this is the correct season for Start-up players to start playing rummy by just relaxing at home. Moreover, In this hot season, few of rummy game development companies offer amazing features to grab people’s pulse towards their online rummy gaming portals. Gorummy exclusively providing incredible features for which players can win extra bonuses by implementing those features.

Gorummy is regularly update the portal with unique features especially for rummy lovers to create more interest. Sometimes, it also conducts special events for festivals, and on special occasions.

Rummy online free is a game, which makes you feel relaxed and to achieve lot of entertainment from the rummy board. The one who is new to the Rummy card games can also join Gorummy portal to learn basics in a simple way. Because it provides round the clock support for both rummy seekers and rummy masters if required.

Key Highlightes of Gorummy:

  • Refer a friend bonus
  • Special Bonus with exclusive features
  • Welcome Bonus

By utilizing all these exclusive offers, player can easily earn big cash prizes and extra bonuses for every feature.

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Rummy card game free is played for both free and for real cash. Player can select according to their wish and kickstart their gaming experience by getting instant welcome bonus of configurable amount. Online Rummy games are enough to learn basics and gain good knowledge from all aspects. Infact, basics regarding rummy card game is available at Gorummy in an understable format provided by the experts in the industry.

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Make your trip exciting with rummy – Play on the go

With the numerous advances in gaming technology, there is huge growth in the widespread use of smartphones which are comforting the human lives. Card games are today become a favorite past time for all the rummy lovers during their travelling period.
In past, if anyone are planning a trip with their family or friends, then they never forget to add deck of cards. But today with the technology advancements, anyone can play rummy online free on the go. This is because now all card games now available on mobile. Today, you’re travelling will become more comfortable as you can play various card games and different variants with the maximum comfort.

All you need to do is just register and start playing. With just a tap, you have a variety of games to choose from and face thousands of players to win exclusive rewards. This game of skill is mostly loved by online players across the world as it is not just one of a kind of the most engaging card game, but simply it enables you to socialize as well.

Choose a rummy portal wisely to get better rummy card game experience. Never compromise on quality of gaming experience they offer. Gorummy is suggestible online rummy platform that offers the most convenient rummy experience ever.

Play Rummy Online.png

Advantages of Playing rummy on mobile 

  • Play rummy tournaments on mobile
  • Efficient technology standards that makes gaming experience more awesome.
  • Rummy games are available now on your mobile with full selection of variants.
  • Mobile apps provide user friendly interface where any player can easily understand.
  • Faster and secured transactions without any hassle.
  • 24×7 customer support where your queries can be solved just with a phone call or via email.
  • Play Anywhere, Anytime and on Any device.

Generally, card game rummy players will love to play rummy games on mobile as they don’t want to in one place. Today, we see tremendous increase in the rummy apps for iOS and Android devices and hence there is great demand for rummy games on mobile. The rummy game is considered as a game of skill and so today we find many online rummy portals offering rummy games online.

Gorummy is a one of the online rummy portal that offers incredible rummy features where you can play rummy tournaments even on mobile. The entertainment is not only the thing that the players gain from this form of game, but also can gain skills like math , patience, confidence, reasoning, problem solving and much more. So, start playing rummy on mobile and get amazing benefits.


Boost Your Memory skills by Playing Rummy Games online

Online card games are the most interesting games to spend your time with your family and friends. Whether you are young or old, you can have a very good time in playing card games with your favorite buddies.

The card games are considered as skill games where the outcome of these games is predominantly determined by a players’ skill levels and not by chance. Skill games are not only just for fun but also offer talented people the opportunity to make money. There are hundreds of card games which you play online. But most of the games like card games helps to boost your memory skills. If you are looking to sharpen your memory, try to focus on the card games which boost your brainpower.

Rummy is one of the popular card games nowadays where it is combined with excellent skills which improve your memory. Below are the few skills you develop by playing rummy.


Patience: This is another important skill need to be developed in our daily lives. Play rummy online free helps you to increase your Patience. Most of the people who are impatient do not like rummy game as they need to wait for a long time.

Mathematics and Calculations: Playing rummy can increase your mathematics skills and good calculating skills where you need to count your winnings and loses. Even in real life, you need to boost your math skills where you will face such situations where you need to be very calculative.

Emotional Maturity: This is a very important skill that is very important for all the age groups . Whether you are playing 13 cards rummy or 21 card Rummy, it is very vital to balance yourself in winning and losing situations. Therefore, playing rummy game improve this skill and prepares you for playing Rummy flawlessly.

Critical Reasoning: Taking a wise decision during stressful situations is very important. In real time you should be wise enough to take the quick and right decision. While playing online rummy games, a player needs to know when to discard or pick a card in such challenging environment. Playing rummy improves your critical reasoning skills.

Strategy building: Building and implementing strategy in a perfect way is a key quality required not only while playing rummy, but also in life. Understanding about what game to play and which to drop by just seeing the cards is one of those strategies of winning or losing less that is required in playing rummy.

Rummy Card Games and Technology

As the technology is growing at fast rate, we see quick change in the trends. Even people have started adapting the new trends and using various gadgets which will satisfy the daily needs and demands of people today. Whether it is a laptop,tablets, or android device, every information is available for you just with a single click of a button.

India is a country which is fast growing and incorporating latest technology trends. Almost everyone in the country are highly computer and mobile devices sarvy.

Today, most of the people are quite comfortable with the latest trends in technology and and mobile has become everyone’s best friend. Every citizen of India knows the importance of spending their time in online as they can explore more about the world.

Have you ever experienced playing traditional rummy card game online? Rummy is one of the most popular online card games which has the rich history associated in India.

Nowadays, the world is slowly shifting from playing traditional card games offline to online. Online games today have become very popular and always been a replica of fun and entertainment for all the age groups. Rummy has been declared as game of skill by The Honourable Supreme Court & various High Courts of India.

Rummy is a well-known card game which is played among friends and family. Playing with group of people brings an elite experience and joy and also helps you to nourish your decision making and strategic thinking skills when you play rummy regularly.

Online rummy games today are developed with rich graphics and designs which attracts rummy players, offering them a greater level of pleasure. With the continuous changing trends in the technology, online gaming portals today are offering the online environment for players which are blended with technology. Also, these portals are developing mobile applications as people are expecting more mobile apps.


If you are a rummy player and looking for best online rummy portal, Gorummy portal is your best option as it has everything a player want. The site offers the players with a platform that serves as a perfect blend of rich graphics, technology, best quality gaming experience, amazing user interface, secure environment and also with the dedicated customer services. The portal also provides with the simplest navigation system that offers more comfort than other portals.

Gorummy has taken the rummy experience on mobile, offering players more comfort in playing rummy online games. It is the one and only rummy site that offers the new features (Shootouts, Add chips, middle join and late registrations), which are making a buzz in the industry because of their amazing benefits for players while playing rummy games. So, get the best rummy experience at Gorummy.

Play Online Rummy Wise & Earn Extra

Rummy card games exist from centuries old. The game has many variations and is one of the most popular card games in the world today. Rummy belongs to a group of card games where actions like draw and discard are performed.

The rummy card game is well popular as Indian Rummy game and nowadays played for real or fun, both in online and as well as on mobile devices. Playing rummy requires real-time skills, analytical skills and math skills to play game like a pro.

Playing rummy online is similar to traditional rummy with similar concepts and rules. Online version do not need any particular time and group of people availability to start playing rummy. In India, online rummy game is favorite pastime for almost all the people. Any get together functions are incomplete without playing this game. People can show up their skills and win some cash prizes. The competition among the players online has grown widely and

Nowadays, online rummy games are more popular which offer users the facility to play for 24×7 with the comfort of their home. Now people can challenge other rummy players across the world. One can play various variants of the game like Points rummy, Pools rummy, Deals rummy and Leagues rummy.

Online Rummy.png

Some Key Points to Remember:

  • The primary thing is melding a pure run. Once you formed this, you can arrange other cards.
  • Before playing rummy, one needs to have good knowledge about the game.
  • Remember that, it is very important to observe your opponents. Observing what other players pick and discard will give you a good idea about their game. This in turn helps you to know which card to pick or discard.
  • Always discard the cards with higher points. It helps you to reduce the count when your opponent declares the game.
  • Play with jokers smart. Focus on making the best use of joker cards. Try to use joker in a sequence or set that contains higher points. And don’t use a joker card in a natural run.

If you are looking for a website that offers best rummy experience, Gorummy is your perfect choice to get the maximum benefits from the website. The site provides you with the effective guide about ‘How to Play Rummy‘ by experts in the rummy industry. So know the rules for rummy and get the exclusive rewards offered by the site.

With exciting features ever in the industry, GoRummy is providing fresh rummy experience for all the rummy players today. Start your rummy journey at Gorummy to earn more.

Revel in your Favorite Rummy Card Games with Friends

Want to get rid of boredom? Is there any past time to consider for hours? Everyone of us is familiar with rummy card games and their importance in India. They are part of Indian culture from ancient period.

Nowadays, rummy has become a favourite past time for friends and family members. Most of the people today prefer to play rummy in any kind of get together, parties, trips etc. You can play this game for hours and though you will not get bored as it is very interesting, exciting yet challenging. It is not necessary to have a great knowledge to play rummy initially. You can play with your friends and have some fun time with your buddies. Playing like a pro is different case.

However, you have to concentrate on your skill levels on how to use right cards, how to discard and when to discard. All you need to remember is that rummy is not just a simple game but a game of skill. It is very important top learn smart tips and read regular updates of rummy to master your game.

With the continuous evolution of technology, rummy card games are now available online where you can find many promotional offers and bonuses which double your joy in playing rummy online. If you have acquired some skills, then you can cashout more by proving your skills. To take part in online rummy games, you need to register first and enjoy playing rummy with hundreds of thousands of rummy players worldwide.


Online portals also allow you to invite your friend to the rummy portals and offer you special bonus offers. So get attractive bonuses by referring your buddies. Participate in the challenging environment with comfort of your home and win some amazing cash prizes just by having some fun on rummy tables.

Currently, rummy portals worldwide are taking rummy on mobiles. With the increasing demand of mobile apps, it is possible to play rummy right from your mobile phones. The popular online platform Gorummy is offering the best experience for rummy players with its incredible rummy features. The site is designed excellently and offer 24×7 support services, offers and promotions, live chat support and email support, safe and secure gaming environment, special features and much more.

So have some fun time with your family & friends and get rid of your boredom. Earn some amazing prizes just by showcasing your skills on the rummy platforms.

Indian Rummy Game: A Skill Game that is Popular Worldwide

Indian Rummy is the most played card game across the world. It hits the top list of popular Indian games. Right from the British period, card games like poker and rummy were played mostly and loved by Indian game lovers. With increase in people’s interest for the card game, many gaming platforms are introduced online that is driving more craze among the people nowadays.

Today, online rummy games are very popular which look more attractive with attractive graphics, amazing sound effects and incredible features. People of every age can enjoy playing rummy. But there are many people who still have not played it, Online Rummy is a good option for those people. Most of the people prefer online platforms as they help users to master their skills.

It is the game played between 2 to 6 players where each player is dealt with 13 cards. If a game is played by 2 or 3 players, two 52 -card decks are used along with 4 joker cards. Whereas if the game is played by 4 to 6 players, then three decks are used along with 6 joker cards. In India, rummy is played for any get togethers/functions/festivals which is the most favorite time for almost all the people.

Indian rummy game is very interesting, challenging and exciting. It require skills, memory, concentration, and complete involvement in the game. The main objective of the game is to form sequences and sets. When a player forms a valid sets and sequences using 13 cards, then he/she can declare the game. A valid declare need to have minimum 2 sequences of which one of them should be pure (without joker) and the other can be pure or non pure (without joker). For the rest of the players, all the unmatched cards are counted.

Gorummy is one of the emerging online rummy platforms in India that is offering Indian Rummy game, making players experience more thrilling. It offers various rummy game variants with 24×7 support facilities. It is the authorized rummy portal with safe and secured environment. It is the only rummy source where you can find new rummy features:

Middle Join – Join the rummy action from middle of the game in pools format.
Add Chips– Add chips in case if you are short of minimum required chips in the tourneys
Shootouts – Get additional bonus by eliminating your opponents in the tourneys
Late Registration– Join the tournaments even after the registration period has got elapsed.


If you are seeking for the best rummy experience, Gorummy is a great option that doubles your rummy fun and excitement. Play rummy on Gorummy mobile app and enjoy rummy at your fingertips.