Revel in your Favorite Rummy Card Games with Friends

Want to get rid of boredom? Is there any past time to consider for hours? Everyone of us is familiar with rummy card games and their importance in India. They are part of Indian culture from ancient period.

Nowadays, rummy has become a favourite past time for friends and family members. Most of the people today prefer to play rummy in any kind of get together, parties, trips etc. You can play this game for hours and though you will not get bored as it is very interesting, exciting yet challenging. It is not necessary to have a great knowledge to play rummy initially. You can play with your friends and have some fun time with your buddies. Playing like a pro is different case.

However, you have to concentrate on your skill levels on how to use right cards, how to discard and when to discard. All you need to remember is that rummy is not just a simple game but a game of skill. It is very important top learn smart tips and read regular updates of rummy to master your game.

With the continuous evolution of technology, rummy card games are now available online where you can find many promotional offers and bonuses which double your joy in playing rummy online. If you have acquired some skills, then you can cashout more by proving your skills. To take part in online rummy games, you need to register first and enjoy playing rummy with hundreds of thousands of rummy players worldwide.


Online portals also allow you to invite your friend to the rummy portals and offer you special bonus offers. So get attractive bonuses by referring your buddies. Participate in the challenging environment with comfort of your home and win some amazing cash prizes just by having some fun on rummy tables.

Currently, rummy portals worldwide are taking rummy on mobiles. With the increasing demand of mobile apps, it is possible to play rummy right from your mobile phones. The popular online platform Gorummy is offering the best experience for rummy players with its incredible rummy features. The site is designed excellently and offer 24×7 support services, offers and promotions, live chat support and email support, safe and secure gaming environment, special features and much more.

So have some fun time with your family & friends and get rid of your boredom. Earn some amazing prizes just by showcasing your skills on the rummy platforms.


Indian Rummy Game: A Skill Game that is Popular Worldwide

Indian Rummy is the most played card game across the world. It hits the top list of popular Indian games. Right from the British period, card games like poker and rummy were played mostly and loved by Indian game lovers. With increase in people’s interest for the card game, many gaming platforms are introduced online that is driving more craze among the people nowadays.

Today, online rummy games are very popular which look more attractive with attractive graphics, amazing sound effects and incredible features. People of every age can enjoy playing rummy. But there are many people who still have not played it, Online Rummy is a good option for those people. Most of the people prefer online platforms as they help users to master their skills.

It is the game played between 2 to 6 players where each player is dealt with 13 cards. If a game is played by 2 or 3 players, two 52 -card decks are used along with 4 joker cards. Whereas if the game is played by 4 to 6 players, then three decks are used along with 6 joker cards. In India, rummy is played for any get togethers/functions/festivals which is the most favorite time for almost all the people.

Indian rummy game is very interesting, challenging and exciting. It require skills, memory, concentration, and complete involvement in the game. The main objective of the game is to form sequences and sets. When a player forms a valid sets and sequences using 13 cards, then he/she can declare the game. A valid declare need to have minimum 2 sequences of which one of them should be pure (without joker) and the other can be pure or non pure (without joker). For the rest of the players, all the unmatched cards are counted.

Gorummy is one of the emerging online rummy platforms in India that is offering Indian Rummy game, making players experience more thrilling. It offers various rummy game variants with 24×7 support facilities. It is the authorized rummy portal with safe and secured environment. It is the only rummy source where you can find new rummy features:

Middle Join – Join the rummy action from middle of the game in pools format.
Add Chips– Add chips in case if you are short of minimum required chips in the tourneys
Shootouts – Get additional bonus by eliminating your opponents in the tourneys
Late Registration– Join the tournaments even after the registration period has got elapsed.


If you are seeking for the best rummy experience, Gorummy is a great option that doubles your rummy fun and excitement. Play rummy on Gorummy mobile app and enjoy rummy at your fingertips.

Additional Features in Online Rummy Game

Rummy Card Games creating great buzz these days. Several features are included in rummy sites to play the game. In general, Rummy Features will help players to move towards success and win surprising prizes. Features included to give additional chances for rummy players inorder to win mega rewards.

Features are

1. Shootouts : Players get additional bonus for defeating the opponent using Shootouts
2. Middle join : Feature helps to the players who want to join in the middle of the game.
3. Add chips : Option to add chips when suddenly player chips got fall out during the game.
4. Late registration: Players has facility to join even after scheduled time got elapsed.

These Features are exclusively provided by one of the Rummy site to encourage players participation and bring their focus towards the game.

Online Rummy

Among all features the first and foremost important feature exclusively provided by one of the Rummy online site is “shootouts”. Shootouts gives additional bonus prize for players who defeats the opponent. And for each elimination the bonus will be added to their corresponding accounts. Shootouts is a fetching point for all Rummy players.

One more exclusive feature rummy players to join in the middle of the game using “Middle Join” option even though the game has already started. Many players get struct in the game when their chips fall out during the game.

Another Feature is to add chips and continue the game asusually even if the chips got over. This feature is a favorite feature for all the rummy players as they can continue the game without worrying about the chips.

Are you a bit late to join a tourney? No more worries! A good news for such players. An exclusive feature “Late Registration” is providing more excitement. Now players can register into the game even after the actual scheduled period got elapsed using Late registration.

These features benefit a lot in Rummy online games to earn more rewards. Be confident enough to get used to the Free Rummy card game environment online to win exclusive prizes. Try to be a part of tournaments conducted by any Rummy online sites and get a chance to win mega prizes and special free tickets for next tournaments. Tournaments and Real Games run consistently to provide fun and entertainment for every rummy player. Players should hurry up and utilize the opportunity provided by Online Rummy.

Rummy players put your hands together and be ready to challenge the opponent by using these GoRummy Exclusive features to win exclusive rewards.

Dont miss out! Start playing and enjoy online gaming to the fullest.