Points Rummy – World’s Most Interesting Rummy Variant

The emerging popularity of card games across the world forced Indian rummy lovers to come up with exciting online rummy platforms to provide players opportunity to play rummy at comfort of their home.

The most distinctive feature of rummy is that you will never get bored of playing these games as it keeps your brain stimulating throughout the game.

Though rummy game has several variants, but points rummy is the most popular and preferred format among all rummy game formats. Sometimes it is also well referred as strikes rummy.


The most interesting thing about points rummy is that it is quick to play and as well need high level of expertise to play logically as each deal is a game with a winner at the end.

And there is a pre-determined rupee-value linked with each point played in the game. This is also referred as multiplier. Moreover, depending on the cards and according to the player’s competence, there is also opportunity for players to play several games without limit in a short span of time. This is why it is it is considered as the most interesting and thrilling format among all forms of rummy.
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