Weekend thrill with Play rummy card games

A deck of 52 cards is everyones favorite. It is everyone’s beloved past time. Seriously, what’s more fun than sitting with your loved ones and playing card games. It offers a unforgettable experiences. To make this more exciting for rummy lovers, there are many online rummy platforms are introducing which are offering more fun than traditional way of playing rummy.

Play rummy online with hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Truly, online rummy portals are acting as a source by connecting millions of people to play and rummy and win incredible cash prizes.

There are numerous promotional offers providing by the portals where each and every player will enjoy to the maximum extent. You will get surprise bonuses, promotional rewards, and much more. With the increasing demand of the rummy card game, online rummy portals are also offering mind-boggling promotions attracting rummy players.

To enjoy all these, you need to choose the best site that can make you feel the fun round the clock. One of the best example is Gorummy – everyone’s favorite online rummy portal that has come up with new features. There are many surprising promotions every weekend where you can earn cash prizes, some of them are:


Friday Nights:- Gorummy offering Friday Nights Freeroll tournaments where you can participate and make every Friday joyful. Join and play the tourney and meet challenges where it is an opportunity to face a game, challenge opponents and win a huge cash prizes.

Sizzling Saturday:- Gorummy greets you every weekend to make your saturdays more exciting. Participate in “Sizzling Saturday Freeroll Tournament” adn win amazing cash prizes and boost your bankroll.


Rocking Sunday:- Join Rocking sunday freroll tournament every sunday and prove your skills on rummy table. You will surely enjoy each and every minute by playing rummy tournament on sunday. Gorummy encourages your participation in playing tourney which will held on every sunday.
Gorummy is your perfect place to enjoy various online tournaments and win exclusive rewards. Now Gorummy game is available on mobile where the portal has inroduced rummy real tournaments on the go. Play rummy games now at your fingertips by enjoying the best features which you never heard of before.
If you are a novice player and looking to learn rummy and participate in rummy tournaments, then Gorummy is your ideal choice to learn rummy by following ‘How to play rummy’ guide offered by experts in the rummy industry. Also, you can practice rummy games by playing fun games option.Start your rummy journey at                                  http://www.gorummy.com.


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